Pre-Planning Benefits

What people tell us about why they pre-plan?

"I don't want to leave this burden for my family."

"Yes, I have Life Insurance but I bought insurance to provide for my spouse and family when I'm gone, not to pay for my funeral."

"I want peace of mind in knowing that my wishes will be followed."

It's not something that we like to talk about but, the reality is that death can strike anyone at any time. And, without pre-arrangements, the burden of choosing can fall on a surviving spouse or children at a time when their decision making is colored by grief.

Fortunately only one head of household in ten now leaves these difficult decisions to members of their family. They know that pre-arrangement has become an accepted part of planning for the future, like buying insurance or planning a will.

For over 100 years Western New Yorkers have turned to Elmlawn Memorial Park for guidance in making these decisions. Today with more choices available than ever before, Elmlawn is prepared to help families choose what's best for them and those they love.

Contact our Family Service Department for any information you need to make your burial decisions a calm and thoughtful way.

Emergency Record Guide

Elmlawn's Family Service Counselors will be happy to provide Free of Charge our Emergency Record Guide.

One of the most difficult burdens that survivors face after the loss of a loved one is the gathering and organizing of the deceased's personal and financial records. By taking the time to fill out these pages, you will gain the peace of mind in knowing that your loved ones will be guided by your wishes.

Important Benefits of Pre-Need Ownership Decisions: Record Guide

  • Protect your loved ones rather than burden them with this obligation.
  • Husband and wife can decide together rather than alone.
  • Avoid inflation and lock in today's prices.
  • Decide rationally, weighing choices, rather than force yourself into an emotional decision.
  • Your husband/wife may not favor expenditure now, but your widow/widower would. Family cemetery property adds value to your estate and preserves family unity.
  • Ownership is forever, it is tax free and can never be assessed or attached.
  • We never know when we will need it because age and health do not guarantee long life.

The Choice is Yours

  • Before time of Need OR At time of Need
  • Husband and wife select OR Selection alone
  • Normal rational decision OR Emotional and confused
  • Peace of mind OR Worry and regrets
  • Save money today OR Pay higher price tomorrow
  • Protect your loved ones now OR Burden them later
  • Add value to your estate OR Reduce value of estate

Contact our Family Service Department for any information you need to make your burial decisions a calm and thoughtful way.